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Asus Trasnformer T100 - 4

Top 5 Budget Laptops 2014

Having a laptop is basically a necessity today. There are plenty of great laptops that can get the job done on the market today. Most individuals are surprised at the quality of laptop that they can get for their money these da...
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Top 5 Free Anti Virus Programs for 2013

AVG starts the new year with a new 2013 version of its popular security suite that has been shaky in the past, but now truly performs. The interface reflects Windows 8 bold pastel colors and tiles, which looks and feels clean a...
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ADAM II from Notion Ink – A review

For those who have not heard of ADAM – It is a tablet created by a company based out of India called Notion Ink. Check their website out Adam Store. A bunch of IITs got together and started this company around 3 yrs back....
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imac 3

Where to buy a used PC

 Do some research; decide what brand and model of used notebook you want. It will make shopping much easier.  Decide if you want a used or refurbished computer.  Find a reputable place to make your purchase. Used computers a...
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20 Must Have Freeware Programs for Any Windows Laptop

Windows is quite versatile and able to be adapted to several configurations. There are many powerful freeware programs out there that offer many options. Here are 20 of them, in no particular order. - Screenshot Captor: Offers ...
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Leaked iPhone light pics & links

  If you are looking for a cheaper iphone, it looks like one is on your way !!!
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windows 8 desktop

10 ways to improve the performance of your Windows 8 PC

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is the new and improved “version 2.0″ of Windows 7. However, if you have recently upgraded to Windows 8, there’s a chance you’ll find some performance issues along the wa...
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Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 5.46.56 pm

CES 2014 – Tablets – Samsung Note Pro 12.2, Fuhu Dream Tab

CES 2014 showcased some of the top new technology from companies ranging from the well known to indies and start-ups. Some of the most anticipated announcements came from the tablet, laptop and desktop markets. While this year ...
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gaming pc

How to build a Gaming PC

This is an amazing tutorial that I found on how to build a Gaming PC. if you are not sure on how to build a pc or are wondering if you can build a pc by yourself, then these videos are for you. This comes in 3 parts. Thank you ...
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Microsoft Surface


Bottom Line 3 / 5 - Above Average
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