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How to solve Mail app problems on your macbook with Mavericks

The latest update of OS X Mavericks V10.9.1 addresses several mail issues. After you take a backup using time machine, you should update your system with this update. The mail related problems that this update solves is : Impro...
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cheat sheet app

Cheat sheet app – all the mac shortcuts

  For those who have worked on windows for a long time, they would have got really familiar with the short cuts. However its not very to pick up, memorise and start using mac shortcuts as there will be a learning curve. He...
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iphone 5S

iPhone 5S & 5C are here

After the media and public frenzy, the new iphones are finally out. Fingerprint: At 112 grams of weight and 7.6mm width, it is rather surprising what you can fit in. The newest addition though is the fingerprint reader. Your fi...
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Iphone 5s

New pics of iPhone 5S and 5C – leaked

These pics are from http://sonnydickson.com/ The champagne coloured iPhone 5S looks really great.  
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windows 8 desktop

10 ways to improve the performance of your Windows 8 PC

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is the new and improved “version 2.0″ of Windows 7. However, if you have recently upgraded to Windows 8, there’s a chance you’ll find some performance issues along the wa...
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Leaked iPhone light pics & links

  If you are looking for a cheaper iphone, it looks like one is on your way !!! http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2013/07/03/low-cost-iphone-leaked-pics-plastic-shel/ http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/5000823/Leaked-pi...
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20 Must Have Freeware Programs for Any Windows Laptop

Windows is quite versatile and able to be adapted to several configurations. There are many powerful freeware programs out there that offer many options. Here are 20 of them, in no particular order. - Screenshot Captor: Offers ...
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3D Printer

All the links you need for 3D Printers

http://www.cubify.com http://www.makerbot.com/ http://deezmaker.com/bukobot/ http://www.up3dusa.com/ http://formlabs.com/ http://www.solidoodle.com/ http://airwolf3d.com/ http://www.afinia.com/ http://www.3dprinter.net/director...
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Top 5 Free Anti Virus Programs for 2013

AVG starts the new year with a new 2013 version of its popular security suite that has been shaky in the past, but now truly performs. The interface reflects Windows 8 bold pastel colors and tiles, which looks and feels clean a...
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used laptops

10 Useful tips to buying a used Laptop

  Tip # 1: Know what you need Find the activities for which you want to use your computer below to determine the minimum RAM and CPU you require. RAM (memory) Processor (speed) Basic Use Email, web surfing, picture sharing...
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