August 26, 2013

Amazing Battery life of Macbook Air !!

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All Day Battery from New Macbook Air

The new 13-inch Macbook Air boasts an impressive 12 hour battery life, which is more than enough juice to last throughout a full work day. The 11-inch model can support 9 hours of work after just a single charge.

Both models benefit from this longer battery life because of a larger battery and power efficient technology from Intel Core. The larger battery can fit inside the model thanks to new compact all-flash storage.

On both models, you can email, create presentations, and research all day after a single charge. This charge will only take 3-5 hours. Even when streaming and watching movies, the 13-inch Macbook Air will stay operational for 10 hours; the 11-inch model will continue to play vides for 8 hours.
Additionally, a Power Nap function has been added. If the computer is asleep for more than three hours, the Macbook Air will enter Power Nap and save you battery power for up to 30 days. There is even an option to still receive emails and calendar invitations while the computer is asleep.The Macbook Air is completely dominating the field of long battery life. Microsoft has put out the ASUS VivoBook S550, an ultra-thin model which advertises on its “long battery life.” However, it can only last up to 9 hours, even though its screen is over 15-inches.

The Inspiron 14z Ultrabook™ Non-Touch, put out by Dell, is a 14-inch screen with a measly 5-6 hour battery life. When compared to the new Macbook Air models, these ultra-thin laptops from Microsoft and Dell just cannot compete.

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