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Believe it or not working tube TV’s are still bought and sold (though often given away). Such televisions are no longer being produced new, but many are still usable and function the same. They are occasionally sold (or given away!). Such working devices actually have vintage value and clearly haven’t been made in years. Expect the valuation price (fair market value) to vary with the condition it is in. We take in relevant criteria in the generation of your appraisal estimate.

Antique TV’s are worth much more. Unfortunately most such devices are not antiques. Really, really old TV’s are worth more, with color TV’s of the same year being worth more than black and white. You should not use this for sets you consider to be antique quality (~generally older than 1965. Again, this site will give a reasonable appraisal for most CRT television sets.)

  • This estimate might still be a useful estimate for something donated.
  • We use CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and tube interchangeably.
  • Technically it’s illegal to dispose of these in the dumpster for environmental reasons in the USA, though they pose no health risks if stored or used.