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Quality copper cathodes

Get in touch with us to have an access to pure and consistent quality copper cathodes. Copper purity level in these cathodes is 99.99 per cent. Customer can order these cathodes in desired shape, length, width, thickness and weight. The high grade cathodes are developed to highest international quality standards, having the lowest levels of impurities. This is utilized in the production of copper shields, continuous cast copper rods. These rods are utilized in cable, wire and transformer industries. Copper tubes can also be developed for consumer goods. The making of this product includes processes, include metallurgic process, fusion, conversion, refining and electrolytic refining.

Sectoral uses of Copper Metal

Wire and bus bars for power transmission.
Copper wires, electromagnets, Electrical machines as motors, generators and transformers, electric boards, printed circuits, computers.
Alloy making, brass, household utensils and Pipes
Refrigeration and air conditioning equipments


We can supply a wide variety of Plastic raw materials.
We not only focus on the management of plastic waste, but also manage paper and metal.
Our staff will advise you to choose the most optimal materials for their activity and to apply the best techniques of recycling.
No matter the size of your order, big or small we can help you.
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