The Crossover – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review

Do you think you can dump your laptop and transition completely to a tablet?

If this is a question that you keep asking yourself, then here is the crossover that can help you with the transition. Microsoft Surface Pro3 is almost there. You could do your work and carry it around like a tablet.

Lets look into the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review:


Microsoft surface pro 3 offers a sleek and colorful tablet that showcases top technology and value. The Surface Pen is accurate to the touch and replicates real writing nicely.

It offers –

  • 2160 x 440 Resolution Offers HD Clarity
  • 12 Inch Screen Size Optimal for Viewing
  • USB 3.0 & MicroSD Card Reader Snug on the Side



The multitasking feature is easily the best part of the tablet. Three apps can be open simultaneously. Each window can be adjusted and sized as needed.

  • 5 Megapixel Cameras Located on Front & Back
  • Windows 8.1 Software
  • Built-In Apps Include Skype & Bing Smart Search


[box_dark]Build Quality[/box_dark]

The Surface is a light tablet, but it feels durable. It has a solid weight to it and carries around nicely in a small backpack or suitcase. The fold-out stand is thicker than previous tablets and keeps it sturdy while standing.


This is one of the weak points for the tablet. The 64 gigabyte version starts around $799, but there will be price cuts eventually. The 512 GB version of the tablet retails for almost $2000. Stick with the lower versions and use the USB ports for additional storage.

Accessories are not cheap either. The Surface Pen retails for $50, but it’s a must-have as third party accessories do not work as well.

[box_dark]Who Should Buy This[/box_dark]

College students can get a lot done with the tablet. It’s easy to carry around campus, take notes, and study with. The clip-on keyboard seems simple, but it makes a huge difference when using the tablet. The Surface Pro 3 is also a great tablet for business. The integrated Microsoft Office has a number of features.

For casual users, consider the uses you want a tablet for.