Dell Inspiron 15z – Powerful and Stylish

[box_dark]Dell Inspiron 15z [/box_dark]

The Inspiron 15z is Dell’s newest offering in their ultrabook line. Featuring a brushed aluminum finish, built-in DVD burner, Intel’s powerful 3rd generation Core line of processors, optional touchscreen and Skullcandy speakers, it is a multimedia powerhouse that is also a capable productivity machine.[box_light]Pros:[/box_light]

  • Powerful Intel Core processor
  • Solid state drive standard on all models
  • Competetive price


  • Plastic body
  • DVD drive means louder operation
  • Heavier than most ultrabooks


The Dell Inspiron 15z is a sleek and stylish ultrabook computer featuring an aluminum fascia over a plastic body, packed into a computer that weighs less than 5 pounds and is less than an inch thick. laptops_inspiron_15z_pdp_1On models with the optional touchscreen feature, it has an edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass screen that resists wear and scratching, while the base models feature a normal LED screen. [box_dark]Features:[/box_dark]
Standout among the Inspiron 15z’s feature list is its optional touchscreen, which makes using the Windows 8 operating system easy and intuitive. Combined with its numerous multimedia features — high-quality Skullcandy speakers, HDMI out, and a DVD burner — this is an ultrabook that can easily double as a multimedia powerhouse.

[box_dark]Build Quality:[/box_dark]

Overall, the Inspiron 15z is a well-built machine with quality components. The main drawbacks are its plastic body and the inclusion of a DVD burner, which make the computer somewhat noisier than other all aluminum ultrabooks on the market. On models with the optional touchscreen, the screen is vibrant and bright, and both models suffer from significant screen glare due to their glossy finish.[box_dark]Price:[/box_dark]

With a base price of $749, the Inspiron 15z is a very affordable entry in the ultrabook market. This model includes an Intel Core i3 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and a 32GB solid state drive for quick boot times. Touchscreen models start at $899 with identical features to the base $749 model. The top-end $999 model does not include the touchscreen, but does boast a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 2GB dedicated graphics card for maximum multimedia and gaming performance. laptops_inspiron_15z_pdp_2b[box_dark]Who Should Buy This?[/box_dark]
The Inspiron 15z is aimed at consumers looking for a powerful computer in a small package and who don’t want to skimp on style. The base model provides plenty of productivity and multimedia capabilities for any user, and the top-end model can even be a respectable gaming machine.