HP Spectre XT

[box_dark]HP Spectre XT – Stylish but Costly[/box_dark]

The Spectre XT is HP’s flagship offering in their newest line of ultrabooks. Featuring a brushed aluminum body, Intel’s powerful third generation Core line of processors has a solid-state drive in each model and an impressive eight-hour battery life. These are powerful machines that are extremely portable.


  • Solid state drive standard on all models
  • Sleek all-aluminum construction
  • Very thin and light


  • Twin hinges that connect screen to body feel flimsy
  • Small storage capacity
  • Price



The HP Spectre XT is one of the new breed of ultrabooks that seeks to meld good looks with good performance. It succeeds admirably in the design department with both a brushed aluminum cover and body that looks good and keeps it lightweight. No other computer in this category has a swinging door over the Ethernet port that allows flush sides when the port is not in use.


The Spectre XT has an extensive list of features including an Intel 3rd Generation Core processor, but it lacks the true power of some of its competitors. The solid state drive standard to the unit is a nice touch, but at only 128GB, storage can quickly become a premium resource. Even with the available upgrade to a 256GB drive, there is simply not much storage space. The keyboard design is worth noting with each key being individually backlit.


Overall, the Spectre XT is a very well built machine. Its all-aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable, but the two-hinge design holding the screen to the body makes it feel fragile and easy to break. Measuring just over a half-inch thick and weighing slightly more than three pounds, the Spectre XT feels solid for how thin and light it is.


The Spectre XT clocks in at the higher end of the price spectrum for ultrabooks with the base model priced at $999. This model includes an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive. For an extra $200, it can be upgraded to a 256GB solid-state drive, but otherwise the hardware customization available is minimal.

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The Spectre XT is a solid choice for anyone looking for a stylish ultrabook with good performance. It will do the job and get attention because of its design, but there are similar ultrabooks on the market for less money.

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