Thinkpad Twist

[box_dark]Design:[/box_dark] The main focus of the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is the center swiveling hinge that allows this technology switch between laptop and tablet. When used as a laptop, this piece features a high quality keyboard and decent screen resolution, with touch capabilities; when flipped to a tablet, everything moves with touch control. The casing and design keeps the Thinkpad Twist slim and not overly bulky in either mode.

[box_dark]Features: [/box_dark]The ThinkPad’s biggest features are the center hinge and the touch screen that works for either mode. The laptop/tablet piece also runs on the new Windows 8 operating system, making it very easy to use for either style. The casing is slim and sleek, and the piece isn’t overly heavy at 4 pounds overall including the AC adapter. This piece is incredibly portable and has 12.3 x 9.3 inches dimensions for easy storage. ThinkPad-Twist-S230u-Convertible-Tablet-Laptop-PC-Front-View-2L-940x475 [box_dark]Build Quality:[/box_dark] This laptop/tablet combination is lower end for a laptop, but decent quality for a tablet. It has 4 GB of memory, and uses Intel Core i5 1.7 GHz processor with 128 GB SSD storage capabilities. The battery life claims to hold 7 hours. The entire 12.5-inch IPS, 1366 x 768 5-point multitouch screen is touch sensitive, based on a center hinge for swivel and fold. ThinkPad-Twist-S230u-Convertible-Tablet-Laptop-PC-4-Side-Views-15L-940x475 [box_dark]Price:[/box_dark] The price for this item is on the higher end of the spectrum. For the included hardware, the price is reasonable. Running from higher end of $899 down to $799 depending on store and timing, this is higher than most tablets would run, but offers a lot more due to the dual functionality of also being a mid to low end laptop.

[box_dark]Target Audience: [/box_dark]This product is great for a wide variety of audience. Being a twistable laptop tablet hybrid makes this ideal for use in offices for keeping track of meetings, calendar appointments, and documents. It’s also great for students, for ease of use and computer functionality layered with easy tablet features. It’s extremely easy to fold and take with you, and there is almost no bulk, meaning this could be used to take care of business virtually anywhere you go.

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