Cheat sheet app – all the mac shortcuts



Cheat sheet app


For those who have worked on windows for a long time, they would have got really familiar with the short cuts. However its not very to pick up, memorise and start using mac shortcuts as there will be a learning curve. Here is where cheat sheet helps.


Cheat sheet is an amazing app that can be installed on your mac. Here is the link to the app – Cheat sheet.

Once you install the app, it will request you to give it permissions to access control. Once you do this, the app is ready.

You cant find this app in the App Store.


Open any application of your choice and press and hold the command button a little longer than usual. This will popup that lists the shortcuts. Once you are done, take your finger of the command button and that will clear the popup.

Amazingly usesful for those old and new to mac.