CES 2014 – Interesting Desktops – Project Christine, MSI All in one Gaming

[box_dark]Razer Project Christine[/box_dark]
One of the most unique and innovative looking products to hit the Desktop floor space was Project Christine. This modular concept build from Razer is a unique concept that makes it easier to create your own dream desktop setup with modular self-contained components. This means you could easily plug and play anything from a hard drive to a graphics card without messing with the internal portion of the machine. One of the most unique features of this concept is that there is no cooling fan. The desktop uses a mixture of mineral water, water and oil for nearly silent liquid cooling. More information on this project christine.

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[box_dark]MSI AG2712A Gaming All in One[/box_dark]

All in one computers are quickly becoming the standard for desktop use and the MSI AG2712A combines this concept with gaming power. The unit features a 27 inch full HD touchscreen, Intel Core i7 processor and a AMD Radeon HD 8970M graphics unit. This gaming machine also reduces eye strain by utilizing MSI’s Flicker-Free technology, which gets rid of flickering not normally noticed by the human eye.  More info on this MSI All in one.

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