Top 5 Budget Laptops

[box_light]Best Budget Laptops[/box_light]

Having a laptop is basically a necessity today. There are plenty of great laptops that can get the job done on the market today. Most individuals are surprised at the quality of laptop that they can get for their money these days. Increased competition on the laptop market and advanced technology have helped consumers much more for their money when it comes to shopping for a new laptop. Those that are looking for a brand new laptop at an affordable price can benefit from this list of the top 5 budget laptops 2014 available today.

[box_dark]1. ASUS Transformer Book T100[/box_dark]

This laptop can be found for the low price of around $350. This is an incredibly low price considering that the laptop can run Windows 8, has a 10-inch screen and can even double as a tablet PC. The Transformer has a 1.3 GHz processor and a 64 GB hard drive. The portability of this laptop is one of its best features along with its low price. It also claims of a battery life of 11 hrs. ASUS Transformer T100

Asus Trasnformer T100 - 2Asus Trasnformer T100 - 3

[box_dark]2. Lenovo G580[/box_dark]

The Lenovo G580 provides its owners with all the basics that they need in a laptop. It boasts pretty good processing speed, especially for its price. It also has an optical drive and a full keyboard. The keyboard is big enough to also have a number pad making it a nice counterpart to the netbooks on the market. The laptop delivers all this at a great value. It can be purchased for around $500 which. This is a low price considering all that the laptop provides. This is a great laptop for someone that is just looking to surf the internet, exchange emails and maybe run some more basic software. Many consumers have noted the laptops very fast boot time. For more info – LENOVO

Lenovo G580 -4Lenovo G580 -3

[box_dark]3. Dell Chromebook [/box_dark]

The Dell Chromebook 11. Some of the highlights of this laptop according to consumers are its durability and battery life. Many say the laptop does not feel like it should cost as little as it does. It also comes with two USB 3.0 ports for file sharing or outboard devices. The best thing about this device is definitely the price. It retails for around $250. For more info DELL

Dell Chromebook 11 - 1Dell Chromebook 11 - 2


[box_dark]4. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14[/box_dark]

This computer certainly provides a lot of value for its price point. Many cite that this laptop is at least average in all of the important qualities that one looks for when shopping for a laptop. One of its main strengths is the long batter life that the computer affords it users. It comes in at a little higher price than the other laptops that we have discussed but it also offers far more than those laptops. Also, unlike the other laptops on this list, the Lenovo can be upgraded and the battery is removable. For more info visit LENOVO


[box_dark]5. Dell Inspiron 15 [/box_dark]

This is a great inexpensive computer for those that are looking for a large display screen. This laptop can be had for $400 and has a full-size 15 inch display screen. It boasts a 1.8 GHz processor and a DVD drive. It has also is held in high regard by consumers because of its sleek and stylish look. This could be the best full size laptop at its price point on the laptop market and could be a suitable machine for simple use at work or at home. For more info visit DELL.

Dell Inspiron 15 - 2Dell Inspiron 15 - 1


When it comes to getting a great laptop on a budget any of these computers would be a great option. The important thing when shopping for a cheap laptop is to understand what your needs are so that you do not overbuy. Everyone should be able to find a laptop that suits their lifestyle from this list.