Where to buy a used PC

  • First Do some research; decide what brand and model of used notebook you want. It will make shopping much easier.
  • Second Decide if you want a used or refurbished computer.
  • Third Find a reputable place to make your purchase. Used computers are sold everywhere from ebay to newspapers, company to employee sales to PC shops and naturally, online dealers. The easiest way to shop is online. Here are a few web sites to get you started:
  1. www.amazon.com which has the largest inventory of anything, is a great place to start shopping. You will find used and new laptops by searching under the Electronics & Computers department. They have a huge variety of all brands and models.
  2. www.ebay.com has Auctions where computers; some used, some refurbished; are auctioned off to the highest bidder. These PCs can go for as low as $100. Details and specifications are all listed right there and if you have any further questions you can contact the seller directly through Email.
  3. www.craigslist.org is an online personal ads page. You can narrow your search by selecting a city first. Then click the category, “computers”. You will see a huge listing of used computer equipment. You can narrow the search even more by entering search criteria, such as “used notebooks” in the Search fields at the top of the page.
  4. www.Newegg.com has an exclusive online refurbished store. They have some deeply discounted refurbished laptops.
  5. Don’t forget the manufacturer itself. Many companies such as Dell, Sony and Apple sell reconditioned or remanufactured units directly from their factory.
  6. www.tigerdirect.com is known for their great deals on new and refurbished laptops.
  7. www.bestbuy.com – Your local Best Buy store also sells refurbished laptops at a discounted price. A visit to your local store might also unearth any sweet refurbished deals.
  8. www.Walmart.com too carries refurbished laptops. If you have the patience you might stumble upon a deal too.
  9. www.dfsdirectsales.com was Dell’s own refurbished outlet (now dead)
  10. www.google.com/products will search the Internet for all products based on the criteria you enter in the search field. For example, if you enter “used laptops” in the search field then click on the “Search Products” button, any product for sale on the Internet with the words “used laptop” in the description will be returned. Each product is linked to the seller’s home page where you can get more information.