I miss Steve Jobs !!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] leader is one who gives direction and makes choices. Post Steve Jobs, Apple truly appears to be lacking direction and has displayed poor decision making.

  • The idea of making iphone5 with just one additional row of icons, instead of revamping it altogether (although it says that it has) seems too simple. Apple had created a pattern of making each of its earlier models look antique, once the newer model is released. However iphone 5 does not make iphone 4 or 4S look so antique.
  • The previous iPod nano was slowly creeping on the wrists of the users with wide variety of straps being built by the smaller companies. With this, Apple made inroads into prime real estate – wrists. The logical direction would be to launch a watch and conquer that space permanently. Instead, they revamped ipod nano and lost the plot altogether, meanwhile squishing all the companies that cropped up to make fancy straps.



  •  iPad is still cool. The iPad4 has faster and better components. While the design largely remains the same. 4 versions and not a change in the external package? is the current design the only design the iPad will ever have?
  • Android is making inroads into TVs, refrigerators, cameras, game consoles, watches, car entertainment systems, etc. iOS is just stuck to iPhones and iPads. Why? How long?
  • Google is building goggles which seem revolutionary. Google is also building a car that can drive it self. $137 billion dollars in reserves for apple and yet, no new products coming out. What does it want to do with that money?

Damn!! we miss Steve Jobs !!!