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This appraisal includes the desktop (box), monitor, keyboard, & mouse, but not the printer or office furniture (if any). This is intended as part of a complete PC with all the components, preferably working, but it is still useful functional for a broken one assuming the components are present. If you want to add a printer to a desktop there aren’t any compatibility issues. Consumer printers, esp Ink jet printers are normally very cheap to buy new (the manufacturer takes a loss with profit on the ink). Furniture (such as a computer desk) isn’t usually transferred with private sales of desktop systems, though there is no reason it cannot happen.
We wrote this for anybody, but especially non-technical people, to be able to easily and quickly get an accurate idea of what a personal computer is worth. It will systematically ask you about every relevant feature and technical specification, but we included directions on how to look information up when we thought it might be hard to know. This therefore is easier if you have access to the PC you are trying to determine the worth of. However if you don’t, or it’s not working, feel free to proceed and see how far you can get.
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Accuracy & completeness:

This calculator is accurate enough to use for financial inventory, and has been used to set a fair sale price of used electronics in cases where negotiating doesn’t make sense. It’s intended as a fair price to set for a desktop system. The calculator takes into account the condition of the equipment. Should you wish to sell it there is a classified ad at the end to copy the appraisal into. This should be a fair and simple way to share the fair market value with a prospective buyer.
PC’s are much less common than they were a decade back. The majority of computer usage has shifted to laptops, phones, and some tablet usage. Fortunately computers of all kinds, gaming, custom made, apple, or otherwise, are still manufactured, sold, and purchased, both new and used. This means that the used computers are relatively common but also that it’s sill fair to assert than they have monetary worth.
Advancement in PC technology has slowed radically. There was a principle called Moore’s Law, that the number of transistors doubled every 18 months. This translates from technobabble as computers become twice as powerful every 18 months, but this has gradually changed to more like once every 5 years now. This is very bad news if you are buying something new, but good news if you are selling your old PC. Technology is advancing, and will continue to. This affects all forms of electronics, including phones and tablets as well though. PC’s are impacted more than others. Please note that this principle is gradual (meaning advancement slows not stops) and the end of Moore’s Law also gives manufacturers other ways to optimize and improve electronics they didn’t or couldn’t before the end of this. …you will find that your used electronics are worth more at their age than if it had been the same age 10 years ago regardless of their build!