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Appraisal: What is Your iPhone Worth?

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Fill this out to find out exactly what the worth of your iPhone is. We ask every question we think of to meticulously determine the value of the phone. Apple phones are reasonably predictable so it only takes 2-3 minutes to fill out. It’s fairly accurate, and one of very few appraisals for this online. We are not influenced by manufacturers nor do we sell any phones making us a neutral party able to provide estimates for taxes, charitable donation, inventory, sale, or any other purpose.

If you want to know what your iPhone is worth, this is the calculator to find you answer in minutes! Fill out the questions and our website will provide an instant estimate of the value of your phone. It only takes about 4 minutes and we provide directions on how to find any need information that’s not obvious. Fortunately as one specific category of products from one vendor we can take advantage of simplicity. Thus it is slightly easier to guide you through than with our other appraisals. Even better our accuracy of it’s financial worth is probably the most accurate you will find. (I don’t know of any other websites that actually appraise iPhones, but I am biased. 🙂 ) These are usually sold by cell providers who have an incentive to subsidize the cost and distribution of electronics to sell service contracts (now often formed as a loan), but don’t do so consistently. You may therefore find the value we provide varies significantly from published prices online, but that does not mean this is an inaccurate appraisal.

An iPhone is separate from an Android device in that it’s made by Apple, therefore by definition any phone made by that manufacturer is an iPhone. Also any made by any other manufacturer is not. iPhones have some prestige attached to them, including older and used iPhones, and are usually higher end relative the date of manufacture. A tablet or iPad (Apple’s tablet line) is different in that it’s much larger (and may not be locked in the same way as a phones). For those use the calculator for Phones using Android, iPads, or Android Tablets.

We looked hard at how the iPhone is priced, both directly from the maker and from popular merchants. The price varies over time (and is roughly controlled by pricing decisions of one company), but generally we think the values are be useful and reasonable. We provide thousands of appraisals a week, many to professionals. The components in the phone affect the price, and every given model has more than one performance specification that changes and affects it’s worth. The fair market price also varies based on the accessories, some of which may have been purchased separately. The warranty (Apple Care) is a bit tricky and plays in too. Basically if the warranty is pre-paid, it transfers with the phone (as of the of this writing), but a monthly paid one does not unless the seller continues to pay for it. Considering the seller can easily stop paying the monthly fee we appraise this at a zero value, even though we collect that information. The accessories are included too, as long as they go with the (hypothetical) sale.

Apple has especially good reputations around user privacy, camera image quality, and physical design of the case when compared to other vendors. The brand has a prestige about it’s products with a reputation for exceptional phones, but a consistently higher price for comparable devices. The technical slang for this is “apple price” among relevant professionals.