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Appraisal: What is Your Cell Phone Worth?

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Fill out our quick evaluation to get an instant estimate on the value of your smartphone.

…so you want to sell your stuff? What is it worth? You know what it cost you, but that doesn’t help. That’s were this comes in. Fill out all the relevant information, and we’ll even give you a link to the estimate you can share.

What our appraisal covers:

If you want an accurate assessment of your cell phone this is the calculator to use to find out what it is worth. We designed this to find the financial worth in the context of a sale, much like Kelly Blue Book works for cars. If it was made by Apple, please use this one for iPhones. We put a lot of effort into making an accurate appraisal for any mobile device. The questions are simple and straightforward. The technical details can be gathered with the simple directions we give on how to get them. While they often vary based on the manufacturer and OS version we believe the directions we give works for any of them. The result is reliable and useful. Cell providers traditionally subsidized the cost in a bid to lock you in to their service (now a loan), so the financial price from such a provider varies significantly.

We took into account everything we could think of that was relevant. An unlocked phone is worth considerably more than a locked one. Some are satellite phones (designed to work without cellular ground service) which are considerably more expensive. The screen size, the memory size, the technical capabilities, and more all factor in. Also the age and the condition affects it greatly. Our appraisal is intended for used, but it applies to new ones too. There are many manufactures of these making them quite varied. People occasionally sell some very new that are used, but still need the appraisal of them too. …we cover new as well!

The estimated price we provided is intended to be suitable for assisting both buyers and sellers in financial sales of used phones. The estimate provided can be shared, and probably will help both parties see what it is (or isn’t) worth. We provide thousands of estimates a week to people. Many are just curious, others intend to sell it, and occasionally accountants who need to know the value. (Let’s be realistic, there are a lot more people who have one to sell or buy than there are accountants checking the value.)

If there are any mistakes, please let us know. We have a contact us page for exactly that reason, and do occasionally get notified of things to fix or update.

Appraisal shortcomings:

We have some issues making a complete manufacturer list with the low end phones (some of which are re-branded). We believe that we captured the value and relevancy by other features, as well as the lack of it being a large high prestige brand we are more complete with.

We had some issues with a complete list of cell service providers (some countries more than others). However with the exception of a few service providers, it has a very minor have relevancy it’s worth. This is true even if it is locked to a provider. We believe our calculator covers those providers anyway.