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Appraisal: What is Your iPad Worth?

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This is the correct place to start to find out what your used iPad is worth.  This is one of the very few (perhaps only) places to appraise your Apple hardware.  It is unbiased and we have no part in any sale that may come from this.  Answer the questions above and click next to proceed!

This is a quick and easy way to find out what your iPad is worth. It takes only a few minutes, we provide directions on how to get all technical information, and it provides a very detailed answer as to what your device should be bought or sold for. It’s fairly accurate; we provide thousands of estimates a week. We know of professionals using this to appraise the value, and we are unbiased by either buyers or sellers. If you do wish to sell it there is a way to include your estimate in a classifieds ad at the end that is intended to help you showcase the value of your used electronics.

What is my iPad worth & why?

That is what we made this calculator for. It depends on a lot of things. The models Pro, mini, or the regular line all are priced differently. The version – all of them have incrementally newer “generations”, and each one appraises at incrementally more. The specifications matter, even though it’s all by one company there is variation in internal capabilities, even within one model of the same line. We even take into account the accessories you own for it, like the apple pencil or a fancy case (or lack thereof).

What does your calculator work for?

This calculator determines the financial worth of any Apple made tablet. By definition any tablet made them is an iPad, and any tablet not made by them is not. Please use the tablet page for those. All laptops of any manufacturer (without exception) should be done on the laptops page. As stated above the accessories and case is included in the appraisal amount, if you have them.

How accurate is your appraisal?

It’s not perfect but it is very detailed and complete. We went through the value of each and every type manufactured, and each and every option Apple made available. We broke down what we feel is a fair value for each option (such as how much internal space is available to save pictures on). We added in the various common accessories. We included the additional warranty (Apple Care), though unfortunately in most cases it doesn’t increase the amount. The condition is also a big component to a hypothetical sale price. New devices are almost always in perfect condition and carefully packaged to protect it, but used devices are not. We paid careful attention to how the condition affects it’s worth. We also aren’t a party to either buyer or seller so we are neutral. So to summarize there was quite a bit of time invested into it, and that makes it very complete so it’s likely among the most accurate you’ll find.

What does it cost to find out what my iPad is worth?

This is a free appraisal. You will pay us nothing; we are 100% advertiser supported and expect to continue to be for a very long time.