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Appraisal Calculator: What is Your Tablet Worth?

This form is for Android and Fire tablets, if you want to appraise iPads use the one for iPads instead.

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If you are wondering what your tablet is worth, fill this out to find out what it is worth. It works for Android and Fire devices. We are probably the most accurate and complete appraisal available on the internet; few are willing to determine how the appraise electronics.
This appraisal takes only about 4 minutes and provides a very detailed and specific idea of what your Android (or fire) tablet is worth. You will be asked for every relevant specification. There are directions for anything technical related, such as capacity and internal performance specifications. Once completed, we provide a free estimate of what your goods are worth. If you find anything wrong or in error please notify us with the contact us link if anything seems wrong or off.

What does the calculator work for?

The calculator works for any tablet that’s not an iPad (that is manufactured by Apple) for which we have another more specialized appraisal page. This includes Nook, Amazon Fire, Samsung, or any other one as long as it’s not made my Apple. Laptops and Netbooks should be appraised using the laptop section. Once completed we also have a way to create a classifieds ad to sell it that includes the appraisal so that sellers can see what it is worth. This is a great way to share the value with prospective sellers.

What affects the resale value of my tablet?

Our automated calculator takes into account all major factors. The hardware specifications vary wildly and are one of the biggest factors. For example more or less ram, a more powerful or less technically functional device are worth more or less money. The condition and age of it matter significantly. As you would imagine one that’s difficult or impossible to use is valued significantly less. You can still appraise it here, to see if it has any value (private refurbishers are sometimes interested in buying broken electronics they believe they can fix and sell at a profit.) Appraises better if it has a case (both because it’s in better condition and well, the case has slight financial impact too). We even take into account any accessories, like a stylus you have to go with it.

How accurately can you tell me the worth of my device?

Our calculators aren’t perfect and the value of electronics change over time. However this is a very detailed assessment which you are otherwise unlikely to find. We are unbiased by sellers or buyers as we don’t actually buy or sell anything. This is intended to provide a reasonable estimate of the normal selling price that both buyers and sellers can utilize to determine negotiations from. Accountants and finance staff have used this, and we provide over 10,000 estimates each month.

What should we I if we notice a problem or something missing?

If you notice anything that seems wrong or missing in any of our appraisal please notify us using the contact us link at the top of the site so we can fix it.

How can I show the financial worth of my tablet?

After you appraise your electronics (which is instant and free) you are redirected to a shareable link you can give to anybody you wish (no survey or registration required). However even better would be to use the classifieds at the end of the survey to create a classifieds ad with a description of what you are selling and pictures. The estimate is automatically included in the (free) ad. We encourage you to share this “ad” with prospective buyers.