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What is your used computer worth? Find out the current value of your used laptop based
on its system configuration and condition.



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Here are the links for PC or desktop valuations, iPhone worth, or the cell phone worth calculator for non-apples.

The appraisal is quick and easy.  What it’s worth varies.  On one hand electronics drop in value once used, but on the other there is a reason they are still frequently stolen for money!  We are one of the few places to get an estimate of it’s value on the internet.

At Gadget Value we made the point to write one of the very few (free) calculators to determine what your laptop is worth. It took a lot of time, and was a project I took over from a prior entrepreneur and greatly improved the accuracy of. It has been used in many appraisals, set the price of many sales, and inventory assessments by accountants. Regardless of why you are here to use it, here is some insight into how the calculator works and why it’s accurate:

As an IT professional who has been paid to fix laptops I looked at the manufacturer cost and new prices of these devices and their parts. The technology is advancing much slower that in used to be, and laptops, more than other electronics, are still relatively useful when they are older. It wasn’t meaningful to look at the various models and list the costs in a simple chart. Instead I looked up the individual components and determined what each item is worth. How much ram, disk space, etc. All the factors that go into the manufacturer’s cost and sale price of a new one are at play here too. I looked at every component I would expect to find, and determined the value of it individually. I made a list of everything that goes into the condition of the laptop, common problems etc. I determined how much they affect the sale amount. Some are very significant, and some are pretty easy to work around.

When I determined the financial input of individual factors for this calculator I also took into account how the pricing varies overtime. There are many things that play into this, the age of the laptop, the warranty and so on. A damaged unit actually loses value quite significantly, but then again it’s only one of many criteria to determine its financial worth. A lot of this is a simple comparison of how the (presumably old) specifications compares to new technology. In some cases it’s a fraction of the capabilities, meaning it’s a fraction of the expense. In others it’s actually very comparable to a new one.

The types vary significantly. While I don’t directly ask this (I determine this by the individual components) there is more than one type of laptop. A netbook is very low end (not really a “real computer”), typically with an SD card as vs a traditional one. They typically have very inexpensive (low capability) CPU, though the RAM they have can be comparably. Overall they have quite inexpensive components. On the other end of the spectrum is the “gaming” category which has high end graphics and computing components in nearly every type of component. A “Chromebook” is much like a netbook, but cheaper. As the device becomes technologically obsolete they all lose some value. …though some specifications don’t change, portability, and form factors are still highly relevant.

This process is quick, easy, and fairly accurate. I don’t promise perfection, but it should be suitable for most financial purposes. The most common is in preparation for a sale. The seller should know (roughly) what it’s worth or what to ask for it. (There is a classifieds ad you can create at the end of the appraisal intended to help you show this appraisal to prospective sellers). This is also useful for buyers, to know if they are getting a fair price. This amount is intended as a starting point for negotiations and ultimately the value is whatever the buyer and seller are willing to agree upon, regardless of the external market price.